Speek Softy Choke a Tiger


If you need to ask me a question or contact me for any non art related reason, please e-mail me at this address.

If you want to hire me to illustrate for you or commission artwork, please e-mail at this address.

Comical Concept is about trying to convey a funny idea in a single piece of art. It is not intended to be a web comic in the traditional sense. The format and release schedule is like that of a web comic, but each piece doesn't build on previous pieces. Pieces may be part of a set or recurring theme but will not require any prior knowledge of previous works. There are no recurring characters and if it can be helped, no thought/speech bubbles. For example, take Teddy over there on the right. You don't need to know what he's thinking or hear his witty one liner, the picture is worth 1000 words.

The Style

All of the drawings are created in Adobe Illustrator, and the style will always be vector art. Occasionally the style may vary or go off on a tangent, but it should always have a similar style.

Who are you?

My name is Nathan Batson, and my day job is freelance web development. I do all the illustration around here and I designed and built this site myself. I work on this in my spare time I couldn't do this without the inspiration and help from others.

Where do ideas come from?

Ideas don't just pop up in my head. Usually an idea comes from a conversation with a friend or a twist on an existing idea or joke.