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Banking in a Flash

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Getting paid with checks is a pain in the ass. I hate going to the bank more than I hate tofu burgers. Ok that’s a lie, tofu isn’t that bad. There’s nothing worse than when you’re in a hurry or have to be on a conference call in 30 minutes, and you had planned plenty of time to go to the bank, but the line is so backed up it takes 14 f’n hours to get through to deposit your one lousy check. I don’t like to make fun of old people, I love old people, but the old lady counting coins one by one was the best symbolism for a long slow line I could come up with. A long line isn’t frustrating because you’ve prepared yourself for the wait, you can pull out your cell phone and browse reddit for a while to pass the time. When you’ve been in line for 30 minutes, and you’re next in the queue, but the person in front of you is getting too chatty and forgetting to sign every thing ever… I feel like the flash here.

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