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Champ Drafts Michael Vick

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Not an Emotional Decision

Seriously, some people can’t separate their own personal likes/dislikes from their fantasy football teams. I know that its easier to understand how well a player will do if you constantly follow that team, but when you start making irrational decisions on who to start you’re doing yourself a disservice. I’ve played fantasy football for going on 3 years with the same team I inherited when I joined the league. Let me tell you, joining a fantasy league that consists of the entire sports department of a newspaper is like a 15 year trying to keep up drinking with an Irish frat.

It’s NOT AN EMOTIONAL DECISION, who do you think will have a better game? I don’t give a shit who I have on my team if I think they will get their asses beat and only be held to 60 yards receiving I’m benching them even if they are a Steeler (I’m marrying into a Steeler family so that’s the team I follow the most). Why not draft Michael Vick, it’s not like having him fill up a column of virtual numbers for me is paying him to murder more animals. I actually won’t draft him because Andy Reid runs that team on such a high risk offense they either win by 30 or lose by 60.

I saw a list of funny fantasy team names some where, I can’t remember where, here’s some of my favorites:

- Farve Dollar Footlongs
- Boldin Showers
- Randal El Kabong
- Vick’s Pick of the Litter

My teams name is “Big Snack”, because that’s the handle I go by on multiplayer FPS’s and I’m a big guy and like to eat, especially when watching football.

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