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Christmas Kegger

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Ring Ching Ching A’Ling

Christmas decorations are always so somber and tranquil, some people decorate their houses like it’s a quiet night time worship spot. Most people don’t decorate their house the way they actually celebrate christmas.

I’m making upgrades to the website the way I use this news section. I spend lots of time doing the illustration and only a little time explaining the logic behind why. In the coming weeks I’ll be rolling out a new look to associate the news post with the illustration and have the associated text show up on the illustration page. This will give anyone who comes to the site a better understanding about what this whole thing is about, a single picture with a funny concept. I’ll try not to alienate all 12 of my fan’s by keeping the site down for too long during the database migrations.

Not For Sale

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Posters no longer for sale, all images available in high res.