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Cookie Murderer

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Milk and Cookies

It’s old news, but the cookie monster isn’t allowed it eat cookies anymore. He’s supposed to get all nuts and crazy eyed for celery now. We’ve become a society that thinks changing small things will solve big problems. If we don’t let kids see a furry blue Muppet put down a plate of cookies they can’t possibly think of eating a plate of cookies on their own.

I’ve wanted to do an illustration in the style of Sin City for a while now. I kept going back and forth between the Cookie Monster and Bert and Ernie. The idea I had with Bert and Ernie turned into a murder scene with one getting revenge for the other one’s death. That got weird fast.

I keep getting sidetracked getting the updated layout together for the site. Every time I go to finish up, I realize I have lots of database migrations to do and my work computer took a dirt nap last week. I’ll get it together soon I promise. I won’t let 12 of you fans down.

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