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Dark Knight Restoration

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Batman is Messy

Seriously, Batman saves the day every time but all his investigations end up in major destruction to private property. I’ve been involved in a lot of restoration and renovation projects, from my time working construction, and they aren’t cheap. The janitors, glass merchants, masons and professional window washers have plenty of business in Gotham.

I’ve been playing a lot of Fallout: New Vegas the last week or so, it’s the perfect game to just sit down and mess with for an hour then get up and do something else. I’m starting to get the point where I’m slaughtering everything and I have to crank the difficulty up because I’ve cranked explosives so high I just pulverize all enemies in the unleveled quests I’m doing. Oh, and this paragraph about Fallout was to explain why the construction cartoon man is similar but legally distinct from Vault Boy. His layer in illustrator is called, “Construction Boy”.

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