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Daytime Kombat

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Finish Him!

Daytime Kombat comes from the “I’m too sick/uninspired/drunk/busy/poor to draw this week” pile. I was out of town all weekend for a good friend’s wedding and spent the last couple days working feverishly on my, pays actual money, web development work. Since I lazied up this week, it means I’ll have to replenish the backlog and draw next weeks at the same time.

Daytime talk shows have gotten a little out of hand, and by a little I mean not watchable unless you have the IQ of a jar of mayonnaise. There was a pretty popular youtube video of you’re not the father that pretty much explains the existence of this this week’s illustration. Those Maury paternity tests are getting a little out of hand and everybody loves a good Mortal Kombat joke.

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