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F*CK YEAH Corndogs!

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Corndogs are OK I Guess

Some ideas are not even an idea, but an assertion for my love of battered deep fried meat on a stick. A corn dog is hard to describe if you’ve never had one, you’d probably even be disgusted at the idea of one if you weren’t forced to eat them as a child.

A cookout opened up in town a few months ago and I heard they had really good hamburgers and used charcoal grills to cook everything. Smoke always makes things taste better so I decided to go try it out. Any time I visit a new burger joint I try the combo platter that most people get, at cookout it’s called “the basket.” At cookout, you get a choice of sandwich and two sides. Imagine my delight when I see in the bullet points of side items, none other than corn dogs. Not just a main entre anymore, no no, corn dogs are now side dishes. I had a 1/4 lb hamburger, corn dog and fries. F*CK YEAH!

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