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Fantasy Hurts

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Each year in fantasy football, I feel good about the guys I’ve drafted. Then as the weeks go on just about every player, that I’m excited about, gets injured and is out or most of the season. If it’s Darren McFadden, he’s silently out for the rest of the year with no real reason at all. Then after my elite starting squad of the best backs in the league goes down, I have to resort to the crappiest unheard of backups. You might say, “But Nathan, surely there’s other guys you can pick up that aren’t that bad.” My main fantasy team is a 14 team league where most of the owners are part of a local newspaper’s sports department… Yup. I watch those fantasy football “sleeper pick” shows on ESPN, “you can pick this guy up now, he’s a great value!” BULLSHIT! He was picked up as a free agent on a hunch 5 weeks ago. Now I’m stuck with hurt and scrawny white guys, to ride out my failure of a year…

At least I get good draft position for next year.

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