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Giant Octoyeti

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Scifi Original Pictures

Maybe it’s just halloween or my regular love for watching the most horrible under budget terrible plot stealing scifi movies imaginable, but I just don’t see how these movies get funding. I understand there’s a market for movies that are so bad they are good, however, there are some limits to this equation. If you pitch this movie as a scifi horror film and there’s not a single kill in the first 45 minutes, you’ve lost me. If it’s pitched as an archeological exploration film and the first 45 minutes is about guys with laser guns shooting giant bugs, ok that was a good surprise.

My point, I do have one, is that this weeks illustration is an attempt to create on of those horribad scifi concepts that shouldn’t make it past investor funding, but probably would. If I turn on scifi on Friday night and see a furry creature with 6 octo-arms destroying Kansas City, I’m calling a lawyer.

Also, I refuse to type it S-Y-F-Y (pronounced seefee).

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