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I’m not really a big subscriber of infographics. I think they have a place in humor like the oatmeal and magazines where there’s some complicated engineering technique being explained. Magazines like popular science do this very well. I’ve seen some really informative graphics to help me understand things I wouldn’t have had a chance before, like a graphic explaining how the elliptical motor Mazda made for the RX8 and RX7 works. Actually seeing a cut away of the motor and explaining what each step of the motor’s stroke really did inform me visually.

It seems like more and more people feel like most all information should be visualized in this way. I’ve seen some pretty shitty infographics lately that are there just to exist, they do nothing in the way of trying to inform so much as just look cool. A truly unique and informative one takes a long time to accomplish and the effort that most people put forth isn’t really tapping the core of the problem, myself included.

I could claim that I made a crappy infographic as satire and that I spent tons of time making it crappy on purpose, but that would be sort of a lie I invested about about 8 hours of effort conceptualizing, drawing and re-conceptualizing the infographic infographic. I make a point to work as much as I need to so I can convey the concept I’m going for. I don’t want to create perfect art, I just want to create good enough art. Good enough to where you get the point and don’t take it so seriously that you miss the meaning. A picture of magneto bucket brigade’n ice cream into his mouth with metal spoons is funny with a quick vector approach and just sad with a gritty realistic one.

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