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iWalk the Dog

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Phone in Your Face

I have a very serious personal/social problem. I’m the guy who is absorbed in his phone in the most inappropriate situations possible. I always try to justify it like, “oh well it’s my job to keep up with what’s new.” This translates into, “it’s my job to know the latest meme on reddit and constantly check the status of my reddit submissions.” The unofficial reddit app Alien Blue is mostly to blame. They did a really good job condensing the reddit experience into a pocket sized package. I’d use it more if I actually enjoyed typing sentences on my phone. Actually, I’d probably enjoy my phone even more if it wasn’t a two year old iPhone 3G with a crack slowly bisecting the plastic on the back.

Still trying out this more rounded simpler illustration style with paper textures. I thought the paper would evoke a holiday feeling, but snow two weeks in a row is boring.

Not For Sale

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Posters no longer for sale, all images available in high res.