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Jump Grind Repeat

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Every Skating Game Ever

This is my recipe for success for every game ever, find a strategy with the greatest reward with minimal risk. The first game I really honed this whole process in was the Tony Hawk Pro Skater demo on PS1. There was this exact setup of half pipes and upper rails above the pipe. After listening to the two audio tracks and playing constantly for days I figured out a fun little exploit. With Tony Hawk games, every 180 you spin gives you another x1 multiplier, so the more you spin in a combo the greater the magnitude of points you can get. There’s also a point total for every trick you do and a constant point value per second while grinding a rail. Put this all together in to one constant whirling and spinning chain and you will soon get a X24 multiplier and if you do a quick grab trick while spinning you’ll get an insanely high score with minimal risk and effort.

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