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Just a Regular Week

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Something about having multiple deadlines with heavy percentages of your income on the line on a weekly basis starts to wear on you after a while. When you have problems or hold ups that start shifting your schedule back and effectively wasting your time and money you start to get a little bent out of shape. If you have a bunch of problems day in and day out for a week you tend to flip out a little by weeks end, even if it is friday. I know plenty of freelancers and everybody is pretty worn down by the time Friday hits on a busy week.

Working from home and making money remotely sounds like a party, but for all the goods theres a whole new set of bad to deal with… and raging out is one. It’s kind of hard to keep your composure when there’s not co-workers to embarrass yourself infront of. Screaming obscenities at the top of your lungs while wearing a piggly wiggly t-shirt and jogging pants is a special thing really.

OH, and the whole frazzled larger hair thing is a real metric my wife uses to see what kind I’ve had. I have thick curly hair and if it’s a stressful day I’ll pull at it while I’m angry and freaking out, teasing into a curly giant mess that rivals the best 80’s hair… I wear a hat when I leave the house.

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