Smokin’ Racks

While I was in Tennessee I saw a billboard for a Hooters clone called “Spice Rack” that serves BBQ. I was in the middle of a six hour drive and I had time to brainstorm, what is the worst genre of restaurant to cross over with the hooters model of business? By model, I mean underpay poor college age girls to be hit on by any guy stupid enough to pay $34 for a burger, fries and a Bud Light. I began to think the only reason girls will work at hooters is that they are in a controlled environment and the manger is always a big burly bouncer guy, if things got out of hand that guy was ready to throw down. But what if it wasn’t a sit down place, and instead it let perverts pay to bring those poor waitresses to their front door?

Once that obvious failure of a business model was in place, picking a name was easy. All you do is pick a slang term for breasts and then try to make it related to the style of food. It’s easy, here’s a quick list off the top of my head.

Tats – Tater Tot Stand
Jitter Jugs – Coffee Shop
Fun Bags – Sandwich Takeout

I had to dance around the R word that people freaked out on penny arcade for. I didn’t really think it was necessary to make that possibility one hundred percent on the forefront of this illustration. I think the idea of letting men pay to have a full figured lady show up at their door at will is enough on it’s own.

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