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Mellon Collie

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It’s how I feel

Some of you may have noticed I disappeared last week with no post or notice at all. Last week was the hardest week of my life, I suddenly and unexpected lost my mom. She was a great person and wonderful mother and no one or thing can replace her. This week I feel like a used up deflated balloon and when I’m up and moving around interacting with people I feel like I’m playing the video game of my life and I’m just spamming A to interact with things. It’s been a hard couple weeks.

I’ve thought long and hard about what to do about this website and if I should hang in the towel because it feels so hard to be funny and light hearted this week, but I remembered how she always wanted to see my work every Wednesday and was always impressed. I feel like she wouldn’t have wanted me to phone it in just because I was having a hard time. In hard times with depression and loss, the best thing you can do some times is to carry on. So in an effort to carry on and try my best to be the person I was, I present to you the cutest pun I could come up with to describe my mood at the moment.

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