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Beer is Good

I live in Asheville, NC and it’s kind of a beer city. It’s the perfect place for me because I love good quality beer. When you reach a certain age, maybe 27, you start to slow down with the binge drinking of beer so bad it could kill a moose and start actually enjoying the taste of beer. Microbrews are the best option because the guys/gals running the places actually want to drink the beer the make. Places like Pisgah Brewing, Wedge Brewing CO, and Green Man really know how to make a good beer that you actually want to drink. Also since it’s microbrew the alcohol content is much higher than PBR or Bud so you have to drink less of the great beer to get buzzed.

I like beer because it’s cheap and the culture is more on par with my standards, it’s great to have an alcoholic beverage that you can nerd out about that isn’t wine. I don’t need to tour Nappa Valley to taste good beer, I just need to spin over to Thirsty Monk and stare at the huge chalkboard wall of deliciousness.

Back to the task at hand, today’s illustration is how I would handle starting a microbrewery. I’d make the name so ridiculous and name each beer so that it started a hilarious conversation every time you ordered it. Imagine if you will, “bartender, give me a good pound.” Need I say more?

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