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Never Straight Down

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Digging Straight Up Sucks Too

I’ve been playing a lot of minecraft lately. I’ve also been playing a lot of indy games trying to avoid a lot of the same old trappings of big budget games. There’s something about a game where the visual style is so simple that it just begs for you to imagine it in the way you see fit. There’s been a lot of push back lately, where games have started to reach the gamut of realism and frankly people are getting tired of gritty realistic first person shooters. Games like Minecraft and Super Meat Boy hearken back to an era where you needed one or two really fun mechanics and a lot of imagination. The goals are so simple you can explain in under 5 words, “get to the end” and “remove and place blocks.”

This week I’m doing a lot of work and research into displaying information in an 8-bit style. I wanted to bleed some of that over into my illustration this week is sort of a World War II poster meets Minecraft community advice.

Work on the new more associated posts for this site has stalled, there were a few things I didn’t think of and I’m trying to work the kinks out. I haven’t forgotten about poster packs too.

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Posters no longer for sale, all images available in high res.