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No, Explain Your Shirt!

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I’m a man in his mid 20’s. The outfit I wear on a daily basis is whatever t-shirt is on top of the stack and whatever pants I had on yesterday. I’m a much a first in last out dresser. I also have odd taste in t-shirts, odd ones includes: Team Fortress 2, Portal, Quake Con, Robots, Slogans, Bicycles, fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu guy, Flight of the Concords, Dr Pepper and of course WWBD. Some of the more odd shirts like the Portal shirt and Flight of the Concords have almost no words at all. This makes extremely outgoing and annoying individuals in public sort of a nuisance.

I hate being asked to explain my t-shirt, this happens to me on a weekly basis. I rage out in my head and quietly make up something simple just to avoid the conversation. I learned early on trying to explain to these people the entire back story is like trying to explain an inside joke. You just start talking and see their eyes glaze over, and as your mouth keeps moving trying to stay excited about this extremely long boring story, you realize that you’ll probably never meet this person again and you just stop mid sentence, clear your throat, and walk away. I’ve learned to just make something up that’s completely false to move on and finish your transaction or small talk. My favorite explanations are, “my mom made it,” “explain your shirt” (especially awkward if it’s an employee’s uniform) and “my dead friend gave it to me and I don’t like to talk about it.”

Also, I need to point out that “WWBD?” was created by Dr. McNinja and I had to alter it slightly from his and all the knock offs to post.

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