Didn’t See You There

So for this illustration, I made this giant elaborate fake test chamber full of traps and emancipation grids with this intricate planning and jumping, then half way through polishing up the details I noticed a logical flaw. I had a portaling surface right over the exit and all the crazy test I came up with became invalid. I think that pretty much sums up my respect for Valve creating all the puzzles in this game, especially the co-op campaign. I can not fathom the time and frustration it took testing and creating these puzzles. I couldn’t even come up with one decent chamber in 2D in illustrator.

Co-op is extremely satisfying when you get it right, and when you get it wrong it’s almost more fun. There are plenty of occasions where your partner will do something completely moronic, like right click instead of left click, and send you hurtling into a wall then splashing into a pit of acid. Some times they even murder you on purpose just because you’re doing so well in the chambers. Either way, death is a hilarious respite from thinking with 4 portals instead of two. I’m glad they added the ping tool to the game, otherwise it would have been a shouting match of “THERE! WHERE!? NO THERE!?!”

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