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Photoshop Hand

I refused to use two hands to perform a keyboard shortcut, let alone one I run 75 times a day. In photoshop, if you have layers sliced to export as individual images, you must run the Save For Web command to export them all individually. This shortcut is the oddest combination of keys that are inconveniently close together.


The mac combination is slightly more awkward because your bottom two fingers have to be so close together. So, since I have giant man paws this is how I do it. As illustrated I use my thumb for COMMAND, ring for OPTION, pinkey for SHIFT and the bird for S. Dry run that a few times if you have a mac, and tell me that doesn’t cause a special kind of cramp.

Now I know what you’re saying, “why doesn’t he want to use two hands?!?” Because I’m using the mouse in the other hand and it’s important I keep focused and the less major movement I have to make the easier it is for me to quickly move the mouse to do something or keep my right hand on the home row so I can quickly alt tab and refresh/write code. That’s the power of THE CLAW!

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