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Self Reflection

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The End of the World… ETC

So continuing on my airline antics from the honeymoon, we were coming back and scheduled on a 9:50 AM flight out of San Francisco when our plan started to smoke where it wasn’t supposed to while taxi’n to the runway. Our pilot, confident it could be a quick fix, took us back to the terminal. After sitting at the terminal for an hour, we went back out to the runway and more smoke. MECHANICAL FAILURE SO SAD YOU ARE GOING TO MISS ALL YOUR OTHER FLIGHTS. Que standing in line at customer services for 2 hours then the only flight back is a 9:50PM redeye to Newark then back here to Asheville. So we spend 8 hours in the airport just wandering around and not having power for my laptop and eating two meals at the airport.

BONUS POINTS! The airline also lost our luggage, so I had to spend 45 minutes on the phone trying to figure out where our bags where and how to get them home to us.

Fast forward to now, I haven’t slept in like 36 hours and I’m digging out some old artwork to throw up today. I’d draw something shitty, but this is a good time to bring up Michael Stipe again what with the REM breaking up and making it a really hard month for white people. Plus, if you’re just now starting to follow my work here, this will be 100% new to you!


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