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Shred'n The Delaware

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I’ve had this idea tabled since I finished Teddy Roosevelt choking a tiger. I couldn’t figure out what was funnier for Washington, brandishing a mini-gun or just laying down a wicked solo on the way across. Obviously I chose the guitar because I felt it was more American than the mini-gun. In my head I always hear the really poorly compressed “Guten Tag!” from Wolfenstein. I know you play as an American soldier trying to kill Hitler, but it still seems like a German thing to me. In my head Washington is playing the Team America theme.

Portal 2 is pre-loading right now and I couldn’t be more excited. I don’t really nerd out on many video games anymore, only ones that introduce some new mechanic or allow for more creative problem solving. I spend all day building websites and sitting in front of a computer, it takes something really ingenious to make me want to sit in front of one for another few hours. To illustrate how much I loved the first game so much I got gold in all the challenge maps. I’ll be absorbing as much of it as I can next Thursday and try to make a really good illustration of the co-op. I’ll have plenty to draw in with my friend I plan on playing with. We have a long history of murdering each other for laughs. The most noteworthy of these tendencies was in counter strike, it would start with a knife poke and escalate to an all out battle in the spawn. I have no assumptions this will be any different, and I just hope I can capture the anger/comedy/frustration/joy of it all on the 20th.

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