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Snow Painter

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Drinking in a Winter Wonderland

I love to snowboard, but the snow isn’t always so great in North Carolina. Every now and then I’ll make a trip to Snowshoe West Virgina and stay in a cabin for a few days and do nothing but drink and snowboard. If you’ve never had the pleasure of staying in any hotel/cabin/motel in a ski resort, then you have no idea how hot these rooms are. I don’t know who thought it was a good idea to lock down the thermostat in these places to 95 degrees. The only way to escape the sweaty death is to just hang out in equal amounts outside and inside. I’ve spent many nights stumbling around in two feet of snow to find a quiet place to color the world.

Taking a leak in the snowy quiet dark is one of those zen moments. It’s very hard to describe unless you’ve done it before. Also you need to be pretty drunk to think it’s a good idea to break the seal at 15 below.

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