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Soap Portrait

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I’m Hairy

Ok so I’m not hairy like people normally think, I don’t have back or chest hair and it takes forever for me to grow a beard. I’m a very small percentage of Native American decent, so I don’t have “overgrowth” but the hair I do have is thick and curly. So it appears that I leave behind huge volumes of hair when I shower, because my hairs are so easy to spot. Big thick ass long curly ones, stuck to everything, that you can see from a mile away. Do I leave anymore impact in the shower than any other person? No, no I don’t, but I’ve seen some crazy looking characters stuck to my bar of soap in the shower.

I’d love to do this for real with real hair and a bar of soap, then hot glue it to a canvas and sell it for $8,000 at a gallery in Downtown Asheville. I missed my calling as the hair soap art guy.

Not For Sale

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