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Social Networks

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Social Networks

Social networks were this crazy experiment that took place on the web starting around 2005ish. Nobody in business knew what to do with them, they just knew that people on the internet really liked to fill them with their private information. Why? Because there is something in us that loves to think that our 163 “friends” are really interested in what we’re doing/thinking/watching/pooping at any given second in the day.

The only problem is people were using the ever loving crap out of these free services that had absolutely no revenue streams. So when investors started to throw chairs at board meetings, they had to try and make a few pennies. “Hmmmm,” they thought, “maybe we can take all this private info and serve ads to the people, or we could sell all their likes, dislikes and latitude/longitude to market research companies!”

Long story short, social networks are evil identity stealing websites out to profit from your private information and location. On a completely unrelated note, follow me on twitter or check out the comical concept facebook page.

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