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Stupid E-11

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I know the real reason why storm troopers have terrible aim, it’s because they are cannon fodder in a kids movie where the main characters only get hurt when it’s necessary to the story. More so it’s probably because a battle with lasers just looks cool and the guys who came in and added the lasers got a little overzealous. So now it appears that a storm trooper, instead of narrowly missing his target, puts enough rounds down field to empty his entire clip and not even singe the edge of his target.

I know this sort of terrible aim isn’t just a storm trooper thing. There are plenty of other bad minions with poor aim such as Star Trek extras, Batman villains/henchmen, and anyone who shoots at Robocop besides at his DAMN MOUTH. Seriously it’s the only exposed skin on his entire bullet proof body. Am I the only one can can obviously see the large glowing red weak spot? Maybe I’ve been playing too many Capcom games.

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