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This Changes Everything

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Not Really

Yay a new iPhone is out and it’s going to wonderful magical and change the world… Like the last iPhone did… And the iPhone before that… And the one before that… And the one before that.

The new iPhone 4S isn’t some new amazing device, it’s just an updated version of the thing everybody already has. It’s going to be a great phone, don’t get me wrong, but it can’t possibly be as bad as my scratched, cracked and can only talk for 30 minutes before the battery dies… iPhone 3G. Sarcasm asside for a second, the single best feature I’m looking forward to from skipping 2 iPhone versions is the new camera they added.

What I’m really trying to do with this drawing is just take a dig at all the mysticism behind the iPhone and the marketing. I mean, sure the device will be a lot nicer and probably run faster, but it’s not really going to change your life if you already have an iPhone. Getting this new iphone will just be like buying a new set of the same clothes, you’ll feel up to date for a while and it’s something you’re used to.

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