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Ultra Mega Bowl (not super)

You’ll notice that on every commercial associated with the Super Bowl, they always use the phrase “the big game”. This is because the NFL has the greatest lawyers on the face of this planet, they trademarked a the phrase “Super Bowl” so that anyone has to pay them to describe the game. I don’t know if the is the case with the NFC and AFC championship games, but at least you can legally use the phrase “the playoffs”.

I’m marrying into a family of Steeler fans, my fiance was the one who got me into watching football in the first place. I have to say the NFL is the best sports product out there. After getting hooked on football I tried out a few other professional sports but none has the whole package like the NFL has. No other sport has (mostly) one day dedicated to that sport. Sunday from 1:00PM till 12:00AM you can soak in an entire day of action. If the Patriots Jets game is a blow out, half the time it is, you can switch to another good game. If that game is terrible, yet another game. Then you have all week to read analysis and re-caps and projections for the upcoming week. It’s a weekend ritual, and the only reason I drink even heavier on Super Sunday is that NFL season is over and it’s the swan song for the season. Nobody watches the combine and no one gets really excited about the draft unless your the Carolina Panthers and they’ll just screw it up anyways.

Don’t pay attention to all those handheld videos of fans jumping up and down like idiots when their team wins a playoff game. I’m a huge fan of the NFL and I love the game and I maintain the same level of physical excitement regardless of the game. I think this week’s illustration is a testament to the natural valium that my body produces in addition to post Super Sunday.

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