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Where is he?

So I was talking to my friend Matt the other day, we’re fans of the Assassin’s creed franchise because we both love to scale historic architecture and stab motherfuckers. I was ahead of him in the series and played most of the games and convinced him to not get three and and catch up by playing Ass 2 and Ass Bros. I loved the Ezio series and all the historic Italy locales. Anyhow, I had some sour feelings about the lack of architecture and the story structure in the final third of Assassin’s Creed 3… The final act sort of fell apart and felt disjointed. It seems silly to boil down a video game so much, but I swear to batman it felt like I was playing “Where is Charles Lee?” simulator the last half of the damn game.

I realize the analogy the developers were going for where Connor symbolizes the rough and untamed nature of the new world that contracts with his father’s old english pomp and circumstance and refusal to adapt, BUT COME UP WITH SOME NEW DIALOGUE AND MAKE LUST FOR FREEDOM AND REVENGE MORE SOPHISTICATED THAN CONSTANTLY SCREAMING WHERE IS CHARLES LEE!?!?

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