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Wine It All Away

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About Two Liters

Everybody has some in-laws/cousins/siblings you don’t get along with at Thanksgiving, maybe grandma told you that your pie tastes like cat food. Well, I have a solution for you passed down through generations of my white ancestors. WINE, it’s an all natural substance derived from grapes that, through a proprietary process, can make you stop feeling anything but drunk. You will be socializing with your cunt of sister-in-law in no time flat! Fuck you grandma, feed the pie to your cat then, did I tell you that your skin is spottier than my cell service in this hell hole of town you live in? Can I use your telegraph to text my friends? Fuck!

Side Effects Include:

- Pregnancy
- Vomiting
- Loose Tongue
- Empty Wallet
- More Vomiting
- Headache
- NIght Terrors

Not For Sale

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