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I build websites for a living. I’ve worked with all sorts of people over the years, be them clients or co-workers. There’s a lot of interesting stereotypes you can start placing people in if you really look for them. I know the easiest is the fat antisocial balding programmer, but there are a lot more. There’s your, “Hippie Mac douce” the, “obscure programming language hipster” and the “raging alcoholic server admin, because you’d need to be drunk to write your own mail server.” I could go on and on but, if you haven’t worked in a development studio or in a small web startup, they all start to blend together after a while.

I’ve been wanting to make a WoW fat joke for a while and I couldn’t find a good excuse to do it. It started with this stupid phrase, “fatness of a lifetime” but I couldn’t really work that into a whole illustration. That says a lot because I’ve drawn more things with a much looser concept that’s failed horribly. That’s kind of what is so liberating about this whole thing I’m doing, I don’t really have to tell a whole story or even a good one. I just want to give some one a visual snapshot of what goes on inside my head be it funny or meh.

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