News from December 2010

Drinking in a Winter Wonderland

Dec 01, 2010

I love to snowboard, but the snow isn’t always so great in North Carolina. Every now and then I’ll make a trip to Snowshoe West Virgina and stay in a cabin for a few days and do nothing but drink and snowboard. If you’ve never had the pleasure of staying in any hotel/cabin/motel in a ski resort, then you have no idea how hot these rooms are. I don’t know who thought it was a good idea to lock down the thermostat in these places to 95 degrees. The only way to escape the sweaty death is to just hang out in equal amounts outside and inside. I’ve spent many nights stumbling around in two feet of snow to find a quiet place to color the world.

Taking a leak in the snowy quiet dark is one of those zen moments. It’s very hard to describe unless you’ve done it before. Also you need to be pretty drunk to think it’s a good idea to break the seal at 15 below.


Phone in Your Face

Dec 08, 2010

I have a very serious personal/social problem. I’m the guy who is absorbed in his phone in the most inappropriate situations possible. I always try to justify it like, “oh well it’s my job to keep up with what’s new.” This translates into, “it’s my job to know the latest meme on reddit and constantly check the status of my reddit submissions.” The unofficial reddit app Alien Blue is mostly to blame. They did a really good job condensing the reddit experience into a pocket sized package. I’d use it more if I actually enjoyed typing sentences on my phone. Actually, I’d probably enjoy my phone even more if it wasn’t a two year old iPhone 3G with a crack slowly bisecting the plastic on the back.

Still trying out this more rounded simpler illustration style with paper textures. I thought the paper would evoke a holiday feeling, but snow two weeks in a row is boring.



Dec 15, 2010

I’m a man in his mid 20’s. The outfit I wear on a daily basis is whatever t-shirt is on top of the stack and whatever pants I had on yesterday. I’m a much a first in last out dresser. I also have odd taste in t-shirts, odd ones includes: Team Fortress 2, Portal, Quake Con, Robots, Slogans, Bicycles, fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu guy, Flight of the Concords, Dr Pepper and of course WWBD. Some of the more odd shirts like the Portal shirt and Flight of the Concords have almost no words at all. This makes extremely outgoing and annoying individuals in public sort of a nuisance.

I hate being asked to explain my t-shirt, this happens to me on a weekly basis. I rage out in my head and quietly make up something simple just to avoid the conversation. I learned early on trying to explain to these people the entire back story is like trying to explain an inside joke. You just start talking and see their eyes glaze over, and as your mouth keeps moving trying to stay excited about this extremely long boring story, you realize that you’ll probably never meet this person again and you just stop mid sentence, clear your throat, and walk away. I’ve learned to just make something up that’s completely false to move on and finish your transaction or small talk. My favorite explanations are, “my mom made it,” “explain your shirt” (especially awkward if it’s an employee’s uniform) and “my dead friend gave it to me and I don’t like to talk about it.”

Also, I need to point out that “WWBD?” was created by Dr. McNinja and I had to alter it slightly from his and all the knock offs to post.


WOWD Craft

Dec 22, 2010

I build websites for a living. I’ve worked with all sorts of people over the years, be them clients or co-workers. There’s a lot of interesting stereotypes you can start placing people in if you really look for them. I know the easiest is the fat antisocial balding programmer, but there are a lot more. There’s your, “Hippie Mac douce” the, “obscure programming language hipster” and the “raging alcoholic server admin, because you’d need to be drunk to write your own mail server.” I could go on and on but, if you haven’t worked in a development studio or in a small web startup, they all start to blend together after a while.

I’ve been wanting to make a WoW fat joke for a while and I couldn’t find a good excuse to do it. It started with this stupid phrase, “fatness of a lifetime” but I couldn’t really work that into a whole illustration. That says a lot because I’ve drawn more things with a much looser concept that’s failed horribly. That’s kind of what is so liberating about this whole thing I’m doing, I don’t really have to tell a whole story or even a good one. I just want to give some one a visual snapshot of what goes on inside my head be it funny or meh.


Ring Ching Ching A'Ling

Dec 29, 2010

Christmas decorations are always so somber and tranquil, some people decorate their houses like it’s a quiet night time worship spot. Most people don’t decorate their house the way they actually celebrate christmas.

I’m making upgrades to the website the way I use this news section. I spend lots of time doing the illustration and only a little time explaining the logic behind why. In the coming weeks I’ll be rolling out a new look to associate the news post with the illustration and have the associated text show up on the illustration page. This will give anyone who comes to the site a better understanding about what this whole thing is about, a single picture with a funny concept. I’ll try not to alienate all 12 of my fan’s by keeping the site down for too long during the database migrations.