News from November 2010

Scifi Original Pictures

Nov 03, 2010

Maybe it’s just halloween or my regular love for watching the most horrible under budget terrible plot stealing scifi movies imaginable, but I just don’t see how these movies get funding. I understand there’s a market for movies that are so bad they are good, however, there are some limits to this equation. If you pitch this movie as a scifi horror film and there’s not a single kill in the first 45 minutes, you’ve lost me. If it’s pitched as an archeological exploration film and the first 45 minutes is about guys with laser guns shooting giant bugs, ok that was a good surprise.

My point, I do have one, is that this weeks illustration is an attempt to create on of those horribad scifi concepts that shouldn’t make it past investor funding, but probably would. If I turn on scifi on Friday night and see a furry creature with 6 octo-arms destroying Kansas City, I’m calling a lawyer.

Also, I refuse to type it S-Y-F-Y (pronounced seefee).


I Don't Want To Believe

Nov 10, 2010

It seems like anymore all the History Channel ever shows is nothing but history. I sit down after a long day of programming and want to watch documentaries about the civil war and Modern Marvels episodes about shovels, but no, there’s marathon of Ancient Aliens followed by UFO Files. If I really wanted to buy into the crazy idea, that aliens came down thousands of years ago and gave the Mayans super secret calendar knowledge, I’d just watch Jesse “the body” Ventura’s crack pot hour.

People also get really carried away with explanations for cow mutilations and black helicopters. Why are we so quick to come up with some crazy explanation for a cow being stripped of it’s meat. Cows are delicious. Black is a cool color for anything, if I had a helicopter I’d paint it black. I’m pretty sure batman has a black helicopter and he doesn’t get blamed for strange phenomenon.

So this week is an explanation for alient phenomenon that’s just as believable as anything “the body” has to say.


Beer is Good

Nov 17, 2010

I live in Asheville, NC and it’s kind of a beer city. It’s the perfect place for me because I love good quality beer. When you reach a certain age, maybe 27, you start to slow down with the binge drinking of beer so bad it could kill a moose and start actually enjoying the taste of beer. Microbrews are the best option because the guys/gals running the places actually want to drink the beer the make. Places like Pisgah Brewing, Wedge Brewing CO, and Green Man really know how to make a good beer that you actually want to drink. Also since it’s microbrew the alcohol content is much higher than PBR or Bud so you have to drink less of the great beer to get buzzed.

I like beer because it’s cheap and the culture is more on par with my standards, it’s great to have an alcoholic beverage that you can nerd out about that isn’t wine. I don’t need to tour Nappa Valley to taste good beer, I just need to spin over to Thirsty Monk and stare at the huge chalkboard wall of deliciousness.

Back to the task at hand, today’s illustration is how I would handle starting a microbrewery. I’d make the name so ridiculous and name each beer so that it started a hilarious conversation every time you ordered it. Imagine if you will, “bartender, give me a good pound.” Need I say more?



Nov 24, 2010

A holiday devoted to food is like Christmas to me. It is my favorite holiday of the year and nothing else can top it. It also helps that my family celebrates on Saturday and my fiance’s family celebrates on Thursday. This couldn’t have possibly worked out better for me, I get to have a traditional thanksgiving with the woman’s family. Then I get to go home and have a southern thanksgivig. If you’ve never had a southern thanksgiving and have no idea, just imagine everything has a stick of butter in it.

This week, I came down with a 24 hour bug yesterday and spent all of Tuesday laying on the couch watching food network. I don’t know why food personality thinks they have to re-invent cooking a turkey every year. Cooking techniques are getting a little rediculous.