News from October 2010

A Ferret a Moose and Some Chips

Oct 06, 2010

So this week is not 100% centered around the food, just the “desire” to have said food. The inspiration behind Munchies is this image of a ferret wearing a party hat surrounded in balloons with a caption that is hilarious to say the least. I couldn’t dream of writing 10 words that funny in my lifetime.

Surprisingly I’ve not run out of ideas yet, in fact, ideas are just presenting themselves to me in the weirdest of situations. I’m just standing in line at a coffee shop trying not the smell the hippie behind me and keeping my distance from the hipster in front of me and I get this image of a moose just destroying this bag of chips and his antlers spell out his desire. It probably was staring at all that staring at plaid that sent me tripping at 8:00am, that and the lack of food/sleep/caffeine.


Finish Him!

Oct 12, 2010

Daytime Kombat comes from the “I’m too sick/uninspired/drunk/busy/poor to draw this week” pile. I was out of town all weekend for a good friend’s wedding and spent the last couple days working feverishly on my, pays actual money, web development work. Since I lazied up this week, it means I’ll have to replenish the backlog and draw next weeks at the same time.

Daytime talk shows have gotten a little out of hand, and by a little I mean not watchable unless you have the IQ of a jar of mayonnaise. There was a pretty popular youtube video of you’re not the father that pretty much explains the existence of this this week’s illustration. Those Maury paternity tests are getting a little out of hand and everybody loves a good Mortal Kombat joke.



Oct 20, 2010

A big budget magazine with full page ads is everything hipsters strive not to be. I guess that’s the juxtaposition or contrast my art teachers always yelled at me about. They also told me I should never explain anything, so the viewer figures everything out and feels more clever because art is about interpretation, but I guess it’s too late for that.

I think I’m overexposed to hipsters living in Asheville, NC. I think the whole downtown area is stuffed full of them. It most have something to do with a town where no one is local and everyone is transplanted from towns without a “hip” downtown area. Asheville draws to itself like cloves smoking flies to independent coffee shop honey.


Drinking Games

Oct 27, 2010

In College, it doesn’t matter that your mission in college is to get toasted on any day you don’t have to wake up before 10:00AM, students find a way to automate and accelerate the drinking process in any way possible. Poof! The drinking game is born, absolve all responsibility for how you got yourself, vomiting in a trashcan wake up in a bush, drunk. You can all ways say, “Oh man it wasn’t me, it was that I lost those 6 games of beer pong man.” I think that’s the essence of College really, learning those tough life lessons. If you are allready starting to “hiccup” and have the urge to constantly spit, it’s time to put the ping pong ball down.

In other news, working is hard.