News from August 2011

Yum Yum Yum, Delicioso

Aug 03, 2011

So a branch of my favorite burrito place opened up within walking distance of me last month. I started going at least once a week and I can’t get over how amazing these things are compared to a mexican restaurant. Depending on what area of the country you’re in, your standard mexican restaurant’s burrito consists of a tortilla wrapped around browned hamburger meat with some cheese on top. If you think this is a good burrito, prepared to have your ass blown in. I give you the Neo Burrito It’s like a chipotle, but doesn’t suck and sources most of the ingredients locally. It also helps when it’s only 100 yards from your house.


Not an Emotional Decision

Aug 10, 2011

Seriously, some people can’t separate their own personal likes/dislikes from their fantasy football teams. I know that its easier to understand how well a player will do if you constantly follow that team, but when you start making irrational decisions on who to start you’re doing yourself a disservice. I’ve played fantasy football for going on 3 years with the same team I inherited when I joined the league. Let me tell you, joining a fantasy league that consists of the entire sports department of a newspaper is like a 15 year trying to keep up drinking with an Irish frat.

It’s NOT AN EMOTIONAL DECISION, who do you think will have a better game? I don’t give a shit who I have on my team if I think they will get their asses beat and only be held to 60 yards receiving I’m benching them even if they are a Steeler (I’m marrying into a Steeler family so that’s the team I follow the most). Why not draft Michael Vick, it’s not like having him fill up a column of virtual numbers for me is paying him to murder more animals. I actually won’t draft him because Andy Reid runs that team on such a high risk offense they either win by 30 or lose by 60.

I saw a list of funny fantasy team names some where, I can’t remember where, here’s some of my favorites:

- Farve Dollar Footlongs
- Boldin Showers
- Randal El Kabong
- Vick’s Pick of the Litter

My teams name is “Big Snack”, because that’s the handle I go by on multiplayer FPS’s and I’m a big guy and like to eat, especially when watching football.


Crazy Crazy Crazy

Aug 17, 2011

I finally was inspired to do a new president drawing. It’s been harder and harder to find appropriate weapons for each president as I go down the line, not to mention I’m running out of presidents that are immediately recognizable. I thought nixon should use a garden tool because he was kind of unoriginal in some aspects, so he stole Lincoln’s idea of a power tool but didn’t really think it through. Nixon was also kind of crazy and crazy people don’t wear shoes and have shifty eyes. There’s also that whole analogy of Nixon hating hippies, hippies smoking weed, hence the weed whacker.


Seriously it Sucks

Aug 24, 2011

I’m 6’5" I really do hit those damn signs at grocery store all the time. I tend to not look forward while I’m shopping because I have a long list and I’m scouring the shelves trying to find a jar of artichoke hearts and FWAP! I think the managers at my grocery store get some sick enjoyment out of watching me constantly embarrassing myself on hanging signs.

Airplanes are another story, most people aren’t really comfortable in airplanes but for me I have to curl up into this ball and angle my shins just so and then I’m able to have some what of a comfortable flight. The people infront of me just can’t lower their seats, the guy infront of me last time flying tried for like 4 minutes before he gave up and thought his seat was broken.