News from December 2011

Six Different Ways

Dec 07, 2011

So I’ve been tossing around this idea of having a superhero of sorts doing the Tebow celebration for, I don’t know, three weeks now. I couldn’t decide on who was funnier and how much detail I should put into it. So instead I did a pop art piece with Tebowing superheroes six ways.

I know it’s a thing to make fun of Aquaman and how useless he would be on land battles or anything out side of the sea, but I’m not really going to go into that tirade. I don’t read enough comic books to be educated enough to make fun of half these guys, plus after I read the real Thor origin story, there’s not really enough room to make fun of how silly Aquaman’s powers are anyways… Aliens… Seriously?


Myrtle Beach

Dec 14, 2011

If you’re not familiar with Kenny Powers of Eastbound and Down you’re really missing out on quality programming. I think I’m really partial to the series because Jody Hill set the first season in my home state of North Carolina. When most people think about NC, they think of rednecks and people playing banjos on their porch or Chapel Hill basketball. The tarheel State is full of much more nuanced characters and it’s really hard to appreciate the type of people and towns. There’s a lot of tone and dialect in the show that just feels welcoming to me being an NC native, even if it is super racist and offensive at time.

Kenny is lovable offensive asshole and a partier, and where do partying southern assholes congregate? Myrtle Beach, that’s where season 3 is set. There’s really a level of trash and atmosphere there that can’t really be understood unless you’ve ever been. There are drunk guys in trucker hats and fat women in rebel flag bikinis yelling at their boyfriends to go to the seafood buffet. Then imagine all of this with chain surf shops every ten feet and dilapidated 60’s motels with four foot deep pools, as far as the eye can see. I really hope they capture the essence of Myrtle Beach in season 3, and from the promo video, it looks like they might have hit it out of the park.


See These What?

Dec 21, 2011

I came home from a trip to see my sister with a terrible sinus infection. I’ve been light headed and delirious from cold medicine all day. I can’t really explain this one too much, other than I remembered an old terrible joke from when I was in middle school. The joke goes like this.

Kid 1: “Hey, you want bofa?”
Kid 2: “Bofa what?”
Kid 1: “BOFA DEESE NUTS” (Gestures to crotch)

That’s pretty much it, some times you just giggle about something stupid and draw a cartoon squirrel looking way too happy to be holding walnuts.


Double Eggs

Dec 28, 2011

I love deviled eggs, but they don’t love me. It’s a deal with the devil in my stomach every time and I can’t resist it… EVER. Deviled eggs also go really well with ham, and guess what a lot of people eat for Christmas dinner?

I had a stomach ache that day, me and Dante.