News from June 2011

Very Helpful

Jun 01, 2011

The whole clippy joke is as old as the internet, that won’t stop me from beating a dead horse. I was trying to come up with an activity that timely advice would be really needed and have clippy chime in at the absolute worst time.

I didn’t just make up bullshit advice either, I know from personal experience to double and tripple check your knots. Dressing a knot is making sure all the strands are in order and where they are supposed to be, an undressed knot can easily fail because it lacks the necessary friction in the right spots. Rock climbing is serious business and safety should not be taken lightly.

tl;dr: knots, tie them


F'n Charcoal

Jun 08, 2011

I love grilling out, especially with charcoal, because the taste of anything grilled is so much better than just simply cooked in a pan. The flavor that’s accompanied with starting a fire and searing meat with smoke is unbelievable, but I’ll be damned if that smoke smell won’t stay with you for days on end. I’ll always do something stupid, like wear my favorite hat or a fresh pair of shorts I planed for wearing 2 days in a row. Then I’ll spend the entire time with mother nature giving me the middle finger and surrounding me in smoke regardless of my angle around the grill. There’s nothing you can do, it’s wind man.. It blows all over the place.


Programming is Taxing

Jun 15, 2011

This is exactly how I feel after a really long day of work. The next person that tells me it’s not that bad that I sit down and program all day I’ll force them to solve rubix cubes for 12 hours and see how they feel. I’d rather be splitting wood or framing a house for 12 hours a day than programming. If you don’t ration your brain power you will burn out and won’t be able to fix the simplest programming mistake.

If you can program for 12 hours straight with no break at 100% efficiency and not feel punch drunk, you don’t exist.



Jun 22, 2011

It’s been a rough week and it’s only Tuesday, it’s a week where I have to look at the ferret picture at least once a day. It’s my goto cheer me up picture.

I’ve always felt like munchies needed a companion piece. I had intended for it to be set from the beginning, I just don’t always like immediately follow up one idea with the companion. I feel like if you’re following the site and one idea or style doesn’t sit well with your, I shouldn’t force you to sit through a whole month of the same junk. The same sort of run of the same stuff is what pushes me off of Penny Arcade over holidays where. I just don’t care for 3 weeks of cardboard tube ninja. Don’t get me wrong, those guys are the best on the web for a reason and I know you have to do something on vacation.

Some time soon I’ll start adding pieces with similar theme and style in combo packs. I’ve been talking about it for a while, but I should encourage pieces like spliffy and munchies to be bought together at a discount.


Trust Issues

Jun 29, 2011

That old phrase “never look before you leap” it applies to Slip’n Slides too. Parents, please check and make sure there aren’t any stray objects in your yard before you put down the slip ‘n side. There’s nothing worse that a fun afternoon in summer turning into a a laceration.

I tried to go for a different style of illustration this week. I’m not sure I like this compared to some of the previous experiments but any time you try a new style you have to see it through. I don’t like to abandon ideas and it’s always good to finish something. Even if your idea is a failure you’ll learn more from finishing a broken idea, than abandoning a good one.