News from November 2011


Nov 02, 2011

The moment Halloween is over, my thoughts every time I see a pumpkin/Jack O’Lantern is pumpkin pie. I think thats the only desert that really does it for me. It’s hard to describe why it’s so delicious to me, probably because it’s got all that earthy flavor from the pumpkin and all those savory spices. I can’t think of many other deserts that call for cloves, ginger and cinnamon. Another great thing about pumpkin pie is that the crust is only on the bottom, not like that bullshit apple pie nonsense. Crust is only there to keep the pie from sticking to the pie pan, and after it’s refrigerated, a way for my hands to not get sticky eating the pie without a plate.

Mmmmmm, I think I’m going to go make a pumpkin pie after all this pumpkin drawing and describing my lust for it.


Skyrim's Coming Out

Nov 09, 2011

Unless you don’t own an XBOX360 or a PS3 and have a PC that’s 8 years old, you might have heard about this little game coming out called Skyrim. People love Bethesda RPG’s because of the freedom of choice, and there’s always so much hype about how much you can do in each new game. I remember when Oblivion came out, my room mates and I spent probably 5 hours trying to make the dumbest fattest circus clown possible in the character creator. We then proceeded to spend 7 hours making him jump constantly and only cast fireballs. Why would we want a fast as hell fire throwing clown that had a 3 meter vertical? Because fuck playing the game the right way, that’s why.

So my point here, is that there’s so much to do that just coming home after work on Friday and firing up the game to play for a couple hours isn’t quite enough. You really need to take a whole day off of work just so you can have your character customized by lunch and you’re out of the tutorial at 3:00PM. You might have a good feel for the combat by the time your wife gets home from work. That will just get you lubed up for the 100+ hours over the next few weeks you’ll spend.

All I’m saying, is that with all the hype this game is getting and as many people will buy this game, probably 3-5 Million, all those sick days might raise a few eyebrows.


Too Many Versions

Nov 16, 2011

Firefox has just thrown sensible version numbers out the window. I remember when I got super excited about firefox 3.5 because they added all these crazy features I really needed at the time. Now I’m being prompted to upgrade every week with a new major version. I feel like this is another XBox 360 naming scheme to not feel generations behind the PS3. I know that the mission statement with chrome was to push out bleeding edge features and increase competition in the browser market, well Chrome 10 is definitely making firefox push out new numbers every month, but it’s not really doing a whole lot to figure out whether you should upgrade or not. I can’t honestly tell you what the’ve added since 6.


The Perfect Crime

Nov 23, 2011

Well it was the perfect crime until my wife saw me draw this for 2 hours tonight.

I some times can’t get to sleep and after 3 hours I get bored and I need to do something, so I make a tent with the blanket to hide the light and not wake the woman up. Browsing reddit for 45 minutes on an iPhone is usually enough to put me to sleep.