News from April 2012

Independent Pastrie

Apr 04, 2012

I know making fun of hipsters is so passe, however I live in a town full of them. I hear lots of talk about how such and such was much better that other thing. I heard some hipsters in Green Life the other day discussing whether or not the hot bar’s gone down hill since the corporate “nazi’s” at Whole Foods bought them out.


Turns Out I Need Glasses

Apr 11, 2012

With an increase frequency of head aches and sliding close and closer to the computer screen(s), I (my wife) decided that I needed to go to the optometrist. I figured I might need some reading glasses or something but it wasn’t going to be that big of a deal. Turns out I highly underestimated the magnitude that your brain just sorts shit out and stitches together even the blurriest of vision to the best of it’s abilities. I’ve always had perfect vision, so I guess as my physical optics got worse my brain got better at correcting things. It’s been so long with this bad vision that wearing my glasses only feels right when reading text, and everything else… Is just too real some times.


Folding Laundry

Apr 18, 2012

I know a man’s fashion sense and a woman’s are vastly different, I’m not forcing gender issues here. I’m forcing a fairness for who has to fold said laundry. I some times feel a little cheated when I have to fold 25 tiny little shirts in a load, and she some how does a load of my clothes. My clothes take up about 6x the space as hers and I wear 5 shirts and one pair of pants in a week, that’s about 3 minutes of folding clothes. I don’t even fold my underwear, and they are the same size as her shirts.

I just want equality when running the dryer is all.


Drive In Swear Word

Apr 24, 2012

I’m a little short on time again this week, so I’m making the companion piece to Fuck Yeah Corndogs. I feel like swearing and mentioning a fried drive in food holds up no matter what the food. Perhaps next I’ll shift to milkshakes or hamburgers.