News from February 2012


Feb 01, 2012

Something about having multiple deadlines with heavy percentages of your income on the line on a weekly basis starts to wear on you after a while. When you have problems or hold ups that start shifting your schedule back and effectively wasting your time and money you start to get a little bent out of shape. If you have a bunch of problems day in and day out for a week you tend to flip out a little by weeks end, even if it is friday. I know plenty of freelancers and everybody is pretty worn down by the time Friday hits on a busy week.

Working from home and making money remotely sounds like a party, but for all the goods theres a whole new set of bad to deal with… and raging out is one. It’s kind of hard to keep your composure when there’s not co-workers to embarrass yourself infront of. Screaming obscenities at the top of your lungs while wearing a piggly wiggly t-shirt and jogging pants is a special thing really.

OH, and the whole frazzled larger hair thing is a real metric my wife uses to see what kind I’ve had. I have thick curly hair and if it’s a stressful day I’ll pull at it while I’m angry and freaking out, teasing into a curly giant mess that rivals the best 80’s hair… I wear a hat when I leave the house.



Feb 08, 2012

The short version. This is how I imagine my coffee feeling when I accidentally knock it over.

In addition to that brief explanation, I should point out that puking any coffee product is not pleasant and that’s why I think a coffee cup would look sad spewing.



Feb 15, 2012

It always really bothered me how inefficiently the turtles used their weapons. The two turtles with the deadliest weapons, Leonardo and Raphael, never actually got to stab or cut anything other than robots and ropes with heavy things on the other end. Donatello and Michelangelo got to got to town beating the hell out of anything any time. I always imagined a situation where Leonardo had a shitty day and was just getting sick of cutting ropes and stabbing bad guys shirts into walls to stop them, and he just straight fucking murders some one because he has places to be.



Feb 22, 2012

I don’t really know why people are starting to share their entire life story in stick figures on the back of their car. I’ve seen a lot of weird combinations lately, a man, two women, an angel guy, two dogs and a chicken. A CHICKEN. This shit’s getting out of hand, and I think it’s not too long before we start seeing creepy flair like I’ve illustrated, cause of death and liquor bottles.

On the topic of car decorations in poor taste, I’d like to briefly mention how much I hate the “in loving memory of” car memorials. I’m fairly certain gammy and pop pop didn’t want to be “immortalized” on the rear window of your Ford Aerostar next to a promo for your favorite head shop and oval “OBX” sticker.