News from June 2012

Wait... You Can Boil them?

Jun 06, 2012

Yes you can boil them, and you boil them with salt and they taste amazing. This is a Southern snack and I can’t really explain it to any of you that haven’t ever really had them before. I love those things almost like nothing else in this world, they are 3rd in this order.

1. My Wife
2. The NFL
3. Boiled Peanuts

I made this drawing to prove a point that whenever you ask anybody if they like boiled peanuts you’ll hear, “OH MY GOD YES”, or, “EEEWWW GOD WHO WOULD EAT THAT”. It’s a very polarized snack.


Bobo Knows for a Fact

Jun 13, 2012

Squatches love to sit on the bottom of lakes and pull geese down by their feet and eat them… Seriously who the hell makes up a story that ridiculous and claims it’s a “fact”. Bobo, from Finding Bigfoot, claims everything he’s “seen” is a 100% fact. I lost my shit at that point where he claims bigfeet swim under water and play it cool and wait for geese to swim over and pull them down by their feet.

It’s a fact, they also use snorkles. I saw it with my own eyes, it’s a fact.


It Happened

Jun 20, 2012

I’d be a liar if I told you this didn’t happen. Look, when you live with a bunch of dudes and there’s not a priority on buying TP and everybody else thought that the other person was going to buy it… Do you walk around all dirty around the house till you find TP or make the best of a bad situation? I’m a practical person, and since I’ve been with my wife, I haven’t had to make this hard decision in a long time.



Jun 27, 2012

I’ve had my eye on another food tragedy drawing for a while, the cheese house fire was too good in my eyes. There’s something really hilarious to me about these horrific scenes of violence and loss portrayed through food most people would rather throw away than eat.

Could you imagine poptart CSI? “By these jam smears I can tell he killer was remoursless and got great joy from dismembering her, and by the lack of some center pieces he certainly consumed some of her.” Poptart Horatio – “When I get a hold of him, he’ll have… a mouth full”