News from March 2012


Mar 07, 2012

This isn’t really an exaggeration. I’m pretty sure sans the solid colors and stroke. I can’t really explain it much more, thick hair has a mind of it’s own.


Sorry Women, Blame Dakota

Mar 14, 2012

My friend Dakota got this idea stuck in my head about 5 days ago. I laughed at his picture he posted to reddit and I wanted to do my own version. I haven’t been able to shake it and come up with a new idea, I kept coming back to it and even while I’m writing this and it’s uploading I’m getting groans from on chat from my friends. So let me just say, I’m so very sorry and I’m sorry to you women most of all.


Good Old Peyton

Mar 21, 2012

I’ve been following this off season’s transactions much more closely than I have in the past. For me it’s be a culmination of how much I’ve gotten into the NFL and that there was’t an offseason last year because of the NFL lockout. I think last year was a real loss for a lot of teams because of big personal changes and no offseason to educate them, even the hit in all the free agency signing was a big deal last year. There were rookie quarterbacks like Cam Newton and Andy Dalton, who were working with skeleton playbooks because they only had like 5 weeks to learn them. That would be like me telling you to read the grapes of wrath tonight and have a 7 page book report to me by tomorrow.

Peyton Manning is one of those guys you can’t really hate, he’s a success and he’s had a good sense of humor and his agents always get him in the funniest commercials. He hasn’t committed any major crimes or been accused of sexual assault, plus he’s just a damn good QB and a hard worker. This season would have been sad without Peyton around in one form or another, and it saddens me that I’ve been sitting on this drawing since it was announced he’d be a bronco. It was a wild run, but now instead of Tebowing, we’ll be Manning Face’n this season.



Mar 28, 2012

I can’t stand plain bagels, just too plain for me. But there’s a whole different set of problems you have to deal with if you go for a bagel crusted with other shit. God forbid you just vacuumed or swept the floor, that shit goes EVERYWHERE. I think it’s called an everything bagel because it gets poppy seeds, sesame seeds and garlic on EVERYTHING.