News from May 2012

It's a Pub

May 02, 2012

After having a conversation with my friend jeff about a ye olde english pub with a suggestive title and logo, this is exactly what comes of it. I think I’ve been playing too much GTA IV and going to gutter balls, Jeff too.


Salsa on Top

May 09, 2012

I’ve seen one too many giant taco men eating smaller tacos. There’s a phrase that stems from cosmology, turtles all the way down, it’s about infinite regression. Where do you stop if you have a taco man eating a taco, why can’t the taco he’s eating be a taco man eating a taco… See where I’m going with this?


Work Concepts

May 16, 2012

I modified a concept for a client I work with, I went out on a limb to give them a off the wall t-shirt design. They went in a different direction, but I wanted to still show off the squirrel I made. I removed the branding, changed the colors and positioning. This one is also as not for sale as you can get, since it’s just to show of the illustration I did for some one else.



May 23, 2012

As you can tell, if you subscribe to my RSS feed, I’ve been working so much I even forgot to make a writeup for this drawing. This is more relevant than ever.



May 29, 2012

Summer sucks for three reasons.

1. No NFL
2. Being fat in 90 degree heat isn’t fun
3. No NFL

It’s the time of year that I feel really disgusting and unsatisfied with all my extracurricular activities. I love fall so much because my entire week is consumed with the NFL. I agonize over all my fantasy trade/starts, I watch endless hours of speculative horse dribble and I spend a good solid 12 hours watching NFL on Sundays. If the NFL was a religion I’d be a bishop by now, or at least a cardinal. I’ll be honest, I have no clue how the catholic church is ranked, but I could tell you the running back depth chart for every team in the AFC North.