News from November 2012


Nov 07, 2012

Watching all this election coverage makes me extremely anxious, I’m talking nail biting cold sweat. So when I feel anxious, I want to draw little food characters in strife. So here’s some ice cream sandwiches being eaten by popsicle zombies.


Well I Don't Have To

Nov 14, 2012

Disclaimer: this does not relate to my relationship with my wife. This actually is a random quote she saw on Pinterest/Twitter/Facebook. When she read it out loud, I couldn’t stop laughing for like 15 minutes the analogy was so good. I had to illustrate it in my very own way. So, to whoever you are that came up with this, thank you.

Edit: Thanks to @mcbeaven on Twitter for catching my idiotic your/you spelling mistake. This is why I based my humor off images, because I have the spelling and proof reading skills of a 12 year old.


About Two Liters

Nov 21, 2012

Everybody has some in-laws/cousins/siblings you don’t get along with at Thanksgiving, maybe grandma told you that your pie tastes like cat food. Well, I have a solution for you passed down through generations of my white ancestors. WINE, it’s an all natural substance derived from grapes that, through a proprietary process, can make you stop feeling anything but drunk. You will be socializing with your cunt of sister-in-law in no time flat! Fuck you grandma, feed the pie to your cat then, did I tell you that your skin is spottier than my cell service in this hell hole of town you live in? Can I use your telegraph to text my friends? Fuck!

Side Effects Include:

- Pregnancy
- Vomiting
- Loose Tongue
- Empty Wallet
- More Vomiting
- Headache
- NIght Terrors



Nov 28, 2012

This is how I feel when I roll into the kitchen for seconds, knowing well that I’ve already threw down about 2,500 calories already. I’m just this big happy spherical cat rolling back to the bowl knowing full well it’s a recipe for disaster. Roll on heavy eaters.