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Business is Business

Oct 03, 2012

I think it would be a really fun thing to have a modern monopoly game with updated totals and all the cards are modernized with tax evasion and shady investments. I think it makes the monopoly guy look even bigger rich douche.

I don’t like to make political statements, so I always try and make fun of the concept not the person. This was mainly inspired by a recent NPR Planet Money podcast about creating shell companies to help manage money from foreign sources. I never really took any classes about economics, but I’ve listened to almost every Planet Money podcast, so I can throw the lingo around but I don’t really know the finite details behind it. Next week, it will be a graph of how much you enjoy NPR versus your age.



Oct 17, 2012

Edit: Ooops, looks like I forgot to make this new post live last night. I’ve really been working too hard.

I eat a lot of hambugers, a LOT of hamburgers, and I’ll tell you there’s got to be a graveyard in my stomach where they’ve left sad notes to the next occupant down there. I don’t really think they make it down whole, but damn do I eat a lot of them.

I think I’ve really hit a good thing personifying all these foods.



Oct 24, 2012

I love mayonnaise, and I can even being to describe to you how I fee when it’s not included in a sandwich. I don’t think it’s really the fat content, because I now use low fat mayo, I think it’s just how it gives a little extra moisture and a muted tanginess to sandwiches or anything you put it in. Let me list off some foods that are shitty without the mayo.

- Deviled Eggs
- Sandwiches
- Shrimp Sauce
- Chicken Salad
- Remoulades
- Macaroni Salad

Here’s a list of things that I use mayo for that’s questionable.

- Hamburgers
- Grilled Cheese
- Sloppy Joes
- Chicken Sandwiches

So I can’t hate on Paula Deen’s cooking, but I can damn sure hate on her overzelous usage of y’all. Yes, Paula, we fucking get it you’re southern, NOW STOP HAM’N IT UP AND KEEP FEEDING ME RECIPES FOR CURRIED CHICKEN WITH MAYONNAISE!