News from January 2013


Jan 02, 2013

My sister got me a Starbucks tumbler that lets me get a free drip coffee every day in the month of January. This is probably a very bad idea because I already drink lots of coffee. I’ll be so hopped up I’ll break the sound barrier going to the bathroom, because with that much coffee it’ll be turbo dumps all day.


Been a few DayZ

Jan 09, 2013

A while back a client I work with bought me a copy of ARMA II: Combined Operations with the intent of me trying out DayZ.

If you don’t know about DayZ, it’s takes a special kind of demented person to enjoy this game. DayZ is a game where you spawn helpless on the coast of a 200km by 200km post-soviet state full of zombies and up to 40 other players You start with nothing more than a flashlight, a soda and a can of beans. Then you have to wander around through abandoned towns, crawling past zombies, rummaging through trash to find a weapon just so you can defend yourself all while finding enough food and drink so you don’t starve to death. I know you’re saying, “that sounds pretty awesome!”, but wait there’s more. You play on a server of anywhere from 40-60 people, all in the same situation. “Gee, other people will help me with the zombies won’t they?”, and you’d be 100% completely wrong. At any moment any of these people can shoot, axe and run you over with a truck for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

In DayZ you can, in theory, approach people and help each other find basic supplies and protect each other from bandits. However, the most nerve racking thing in the game is finding another player and trying to gauge if they are friendly or hostile. Most people will talk in voice comm and say, “I’m Friendly! I’m Friendly!” The person might even respond back that they are friendly, and as I’ve found, nine times out of ten it’s a god damn lie. You will find a person and become their friend, but as soon as they have a means to kill you and you’re no longer useful to their survival or you have a better primary weapon, they will put a bullet in your head as soon as you’re not looking at them.

I’m no saint, I’ve committed my fair share of murders and been murdered probably 10 times as much. As of late, I’ve tried to be friendly and help people. But this weeks drawing commemorates a special occasion where some one tried to pretend friendly and missed killing me with their pistol. I don’t care if you just try and flat out murder me, that’s fine I have nice stuff, but if you try to pretend to help me and you are so incompetent as to miss a headshot when I have my back turned. I will break your legs and fire an entire clip of my Lee Enfield and attract every zombie in Cherno to beat you to death and eat your corpse. Why not just straight up murder him? He’s a brand new spawn, death isn’t important, but if he’s forced to crawl and waste time and agonize and think about his poor decision, that’s justice. Yeah, I’m Friendly, but don’t you dare try and fuck me if I’m kind and helpful to you.


Cracks 'n Shit

Jan 16, 2013

I won’t lie, I have an outfit where I try and do this. This is my nice t-shirt and jeans, try to impress a tech company, outfit. I have somehow got boxer briefs and an american apparel printed T that are the exact same material and color to where you literally can’t tell. My wife yells at me and calls me out on it, because I’ll get ready for bed and it looks like I’m wearing a short sleeve jersey knit unitard. Anyhow, if you’re tall and your 15 lb pants slide off you hot butter in a pan, you can use this advice and save a little face in public situations.


Photoshop Hand

Jan 23, 2013

I refused to use two hands to perform a keyboard shortcut, let alone one I run 75 times a day. In photoshop, if you have layers sliced to export as individual images, you must run the Save For Web command to export them all individually. This shortcut is the oddest combination of keys that are inconveniently close together.


The mac combination is slightly more awkward because your bottom two fingers have to be so close together. So, since I have giant man paws this is how I do it. As illustrated I use my thumb for COMMAND, ring for OPTION, pinkey for SHIFT and the bird for S. Dry run that a few times if you have a mac, and tell me that doesn’t cause a special kind of cramp.

Now I know what you’re saying, “why doesn’t he want to use two hands?!?” Because I’m using the mouse in the other hand and it’s important I keep focused and the less major movement I have to make the easier it is for me to quickly move the mouse to do something or keep my right hand on the home row so I can quickly alt tab and refresh/write code. That’s the power of THE CLAW!



Jan 30, 2013

Don’t act like you don’t do it, you have try and make one and only one trip even if you go to some back breaking place like Sam’s Club.

So for a couple comics I’ve been looking for pallets and inspiration around Dribbble. Coming up with a good combination of colors and a style to match the concept I’m going for is hard, however I just like to get inspired by other peoples pallets and draw things with the same colors. The worst thing I can do start with a 100% blank canvas, it takes way too damn long. I like to have a concept and start working with as little start up as possible, that’s the only way I’m going to keep this going for a long time is that my struggles are small ones each week.